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Covid-19 School Closure, March 29th

posted Mar 29, 2020, 5:16 PM by Christine Pepin

Dear GUA Parents and Guardians, 

As you may know, the Ministry of Education has indicated that schools will not reopen on April 6th and although we do not have a firm opening date at this time, please know that the Ministry of Education, Public Health and the Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) are communicating with each other.  When the specifics are known, they will be shared with families by the OCSB and posted on the Board and school websites.  

Although our building is currently closed, the Guardian Angels school community is still ready to help. This past week educators have been using various means to contact our families and the children they teach.  Our focus has been to connect with and check in on our community, their wellness and provide ideas/opportunities to explore learning at home.  Please note that the learning ideas that have been provided are not mandatory at this time, but rather, can be used to support students to help mitigate any learning lost during the school closure.  As the weeks continue to progress, and as we get more direction from the Ministry of Education, our teachers will continue to be in contact in terms of distance learning. In the meantime, for those families able and wanting learning activities during this second week, please continue to refer to the following links which do get updated;

Ministry of Education link learning ideas

Ottawa Catholic School Board link learning ideas

Learning at Home Ideas GUA

During this time, families are encouraged to prioritize their own health and wellbeing. Some of you are frontline workers and are considered essential services in this fight. Please accept our gratitude for all that you do. We know that many others are caring for family members, while continuing to work from home. It is not easy; it is important for you to know that your school community understands that some of you are currently going through exceptional challenges and that we are here for you.

Know that many of us are parents with school-aged children or teenagers of our own. We understand both the need to have work and structure for our kids and the fear that we cannot replicate the learning they typically engage in at school. We also understand the strong push back our own kids can give when they do not want to do the work we have for them. Be kind to yourselves.

You do not have to set up a homeschool in your living room. You do not have to recreate the classroom experience for your kids. We are in the midst of a global health and economic crisis. These are not normal times. Our children are likely just beginning to come to terms with the fact that they will not see their friends for a long while, that their normal activities have all ceased, and that things are very strange.  Spend and enjoy time with your children.  

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact your child’s educator and we will do our best to find answers for you.  We are still in a state of emergency; therefore, the school is closed to everyone at this time. We are not able to access anything that was left behind. If this changes, we will let you know via School Messenger.

For those who may require, please refer to these links for some helpful Community Resources;

Ottawa Public Health - updates about the current situation in Ottawa.

Community resources - community resources that may be helpful for families in need. 

Federal Income Supplement  and Provincial Emergency Response - families that may require financial support can access it through these links.

Ottawa Food Bank - this will help you locate the nearest agency that serves your area.

Gator Aid - GUA families that may require financial support.

Rest assured, we are on this new journey together and together we will get through this challenging time. As we learn more from the province, we will communicate that information with you. Our staff members want nothing more than to be back at school with your children. Being away from school is hard on all of us and we miss our students.  

We will always do our best to support you and your children.

In the meantime, stay healthy and stay safe. 

Take care and stay safe, 

GUA Staff

Covid-19 Update & Learning from Home Ideas GUA

posted Mar 22, 2020, 5:08 PM by Christine Pepin

As we come to the end of the March Break we would like to reach out to you. As you know, and as expressed by Denise Andre, the OCSB Director of Education, our city, province and country have taken some very strong measures to try to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  At this time, this includes school closures at least until April 6th.

The Ottawa Catholic School Board will keep all school websites up to date with the most recent and updated information as we progress.  The staff at Guardian Angels will also do their best to support you and your children. Educators will be touching base with each and every family this week. 

Learning at Home

At this time, the staff of GUA would like to share three important links, which will serve to outline several ideas/links/tools to keep the learning continuing at home.

First, the Ministry of Education has created a website to support students and parents looking for educational activities over the next few weeks.  This ‘Learn at Home’ link has been added to the landing page of the school website (on the left under Board New and Information).  You can access our school website by using this link

Some further suggestions can be accessed by using this link Learning at Home Ideas GUA. These ideas have been generated by various educators in the OCSB.

Third, as you know, all students and staff at Guardian Angels participate in calming activities and are committed to the focus of self regulation. The creator of Mindfulness Rocks, Rebecca Lira, is offering a Free Mindfulness Program for Kids (parents are encouraged to participate too) to help everyone stay grounded and calm throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Being Web Aware - A Checklist for Parents 

Many of our junior students are engaging in social networking using Facebook, email, Instagram, Snapchat, group chats and other similar communication networks.  Talk to your child about Internet Safety to ensure that they are following safe practices. Given that we are being asked to self isolate this is more important than ever.  Ask your child what they are doing on the Internet and educate yourself about what it is that they tell you.

  • Do you know what your child is doing and who they are talking to?

  • Does your family have a set of rules or an agreement for appropriate internet use?

  • Do your kids know to ask for permission before submitting personal information online?

  • Do you make the internet use a family activity and do you guide your children’s activities on the net?

  • Have you taught your children not to believe everything that they read online and to check online information with an adult or another source?

  • Is your computer in a well-used area of your house when your child’s online and can it be easily monitored?

  • Does your child have a Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or other social media account (according to rules the age to have an account is 13)?

  • If your child does have a social media account, has he/she set the security settings to private? And do they avoid the larger group chats?

  • Does your child know what to do if he/she encounters a cyber bully? (

Closing Thoughts

Although Guardian Angels has reached out with some learning ideas, please remember that the first priority during these stressful times is you, your health and that of your family.  We encourage you to take the time to do things that lend to well-being.

As we continue to journey through this season of Lent, we remind ourselves that we follow in the footsteps of Jesus. We continue to extend prayers to our students, families and global communities during this uncertain time.

Our students, your children, make us very proud and thankful and we truly miss them very much.  Please pass this message along to your children as they, and we, anticipate our return to school.

With blessings from,

Your Family at Guardian Angels

Register Your Child

posted Feb 24, 2020, 3:56 PM by Christine Pepin

Did you know that registering your child now, to come to our school, allows us to plan for the new school year? Registration ensures the correct number of educators are hired and classrooms are ready to welcome your child in the fall.   Visit our school or give us a call for more information! 613-836-7423

Next School Council Meeting - Feb. 4

posted Jan 6, 2020, 7:16 AM by Christine Pepin

Please note that there is no School Council Meeting in January. The next meeting will be on Tuesday February 4th at 7 pm in the Learning Commons.

Gator Wear - Available to purchase until Nov 29th (firm deadline)

posted Nov 19, 2019, 9:56 AM by Guardian Angels School

You can view Gator Wear items for sale here and can place your order by using school cash on-line.  Paper order forms are available at the school office.  Don't miss out, the deadline to order is Friday, Nov 29th.  Orders received after this date can not be accepted.

Parent/ Teacher Interviews - Kindergarten

posted Nov 18, 2019, 12:23 PM by Guardian Angels School

Kindergarten interviews will be on Thursday, November 21st.  Please click on this link to book an interview with your child's class.  

Progress Report Interviews

posted Nov 4, 2019, 6:15 AM by Nichole Pardell

Progress Report Interviews will be on Thursday, November 14th.  Please click on this link to book an interview with your child's teacher for grades 1-6.  Kindergarten interviews will be on November 21st and booking information will be communicated at a later date.

Thanksgiving Mass - Sept. 30

posted Sep 20, 2019, 7:01 AM by Christine Pepin

Here are copies of the letter and permission form that were sent home to attend our first celebration with Msg Muldoon on September 30th. Please return the permission form for Wednesday September 25th. You are invited to join us on Monday September 30th at 10:30am at Holy Spirit Church.

Milk/Sub/Pizza Lunches - Deadline is Sept 20 (no exceptions)

posted Sep 16, 2019, 11:49 AM by Kellie.Anne Mathieson   [ updated Sep 16, 2019, 11:52 AM ]

You can view the instructions for School Cash On-line here.  Once you have registered you will then be able to place your order on-line for Milk, Sub and/or Pizza.   

The deadline to order is Friday, Sept 20th and we are unable to accommodate late orders. 

Program Night

posted Sep 7, 2019, 8:01 AM by Christine Pepin

Please keep the evening of Wednesday, September 11th from 6:30 pm -  7:30 pm. available for our Program Night.  The format will be that of an Open House. This evening provides a great opportunity to meet your child's educators. We look forward to seeing many parents and guardians on this occasion.  

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