Lenten Project

posted Feb 27, 2019, 10:41 AM by Kellie.Anne Mathieson

PLANTING SEEDS CHANGE FOR CHANGE - We are excited about this year’s Lenten project,  “Planting Seeds”, an incredible initiative called “Change for Change”. Planting Seeds is a not for profit organization that seeks to eradicate the barriers that contribute to poverty by working with communities to provide high-quality comprehensive education for children and families throughout Guatemala. Starting, March 6th (Ash Wednesday) students are encouraged to earn some change this Lenten season by doing some extra chores around the house or perhaps starting an initiative of their own to raise some money (change).  Each classroom has a pencil case to hold the change donations brought to school by the student and in return for a contribution the student will receive a hand woven bracelet made by the Guatemalan people.