School Staff

Michelle McGarry
Kindergarten Team
Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Costanzo
Ms. Ruyter
Mrs. Chorich-Bennett
Mrs. Cinciripini
Mrs. Kimmerly
Mrs. Harrison
Mrs. Moulton
Grade One-Engligh-Team
Mrs. Chisholm-Bennett
Mrs. Boyce
Mrs. Creaser
Mrs. Lapp (1/2)
Grade Two-English-Team
Mrs. Laushway
Mrs. Livermore 
Mrs. Lusignan
Mrs. Schefski (2/3)
Grade Three Team
Ms. Barry
Mrs. Berg
Mrs. Button
Mrs. Painchaud
Our French Team
Mme Alexander
Mme Barakat
Mme Beanlands
Mr. Bentivoglio
Mme Boyle
Mr. Chartrand
Mme Cinnchini
Mme Currie
Mme Gaiarsa
Mme Harkes
Mme Malcom
Mme McEnery
Mlle Rodrigue
Our Junior English Team
Ms. Arnone
Ms. Brazil
Mr. Hertner
Mrs. Hudon
Mr. Laurin
Mrs. Polito
Mr. Schefski
Ms. Boudrias
Ms. Bower
Mrs. Davis
Mrs. Fitzgerald
Ms. MacDonald
Mrs. Smallwood
Ms. Nagle
Mrs. Hutchings
Mrs. Joseph
Mrs. Reynolds-Wallace
Mr. Thompson
Mr. Kiley
Mr. Renaud
Office Administrators
Mrs. Mathieson
Mrs. Schouten
Mrs. Pardell

About Our School

Principal Message

The children of Guardian Angels are surrounded by love and learning as the teaching staff work together with the Church and home to strive for excellence! We will continue to work through our challenges and celebrate our successes.

Our school community is enriched on a daily basis by our Catholic faith. We welcome Monsignor Joseph Muldoon to our school community and Holy Spirit Parish. Monsignor Muldoon plays a vital role in our school community through masses and frequent visits in our classes, our playground and our hallways. The wonderful connection with God, made through the sacraments, is enriched through the weekly Sunday Mass. Children form their value system by observing excellent modeling by the important adults in their lives.

The student agenda provides vital information about Guardian Angels School policies, procedures and important dates to remember. It is a key link that keeps families informed of homework, special projects and the many events occurring each month at Guardian Angels. Please support our teachers by checking your child's agenda on a nightly basis to enhance the adaptation of lifelong organizational skills.

Our school benefits from your work as a volunteer and from your participation on our Catholic School Council. Great things have been accomplished (and purchased) through the teamwork provided last year. We look forward to another "action packed" school year and new projects embarked upon together. Please consider joining us for the monthly meetings! Call me anytime you have a question or require information about our school. I value your input!

Karen Wilson

Our Spiritual Theme 2018-2021

The Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) has again adopted a Board-wide Spiritual Theme to guide the school board community through the years 2018 to 2021. Our Spiritual Theme “Seek Justice, Love Kindness & Mercy, Walk Humbly with God” enables our staff, students, and community to dig deep into the Gospel to make real and meaningful connections with our everyday lives. This three-year theme will focus on Catholic social teachings to align with global competencies and encourage learners to think globally and act locally.

Year one of the Spiritual Theme will begin in September 2018, with a focus on the “Seek Justice” component. It will enable us to introduce Catholic Social Teaching (CST) as a lens for learning throughout the curriculum. Students of all ages can adopt the Catholic social themes to develop a gospel centred and Catholic worldview. These themes — such as Dignity of the Human Person, Preferential option for the Poor, and Stewardship for Creation, as examples — can be a launching space for Deep Learning to occur.

We look forward to showcasing the ways in which our staff and students connect with this spiritual theme.

Activities, Clubs & Teams

Cross Country
Dance Showcase
Environment Club
PALS Program
Peer Mediators
Silver Birch Reading Club
Track and Field


Affiliated Schools

Sacred Heart High School
5870 Abbott Street, Stittsville
Pone:  613-831-6643

Our Parish

1489 Shea Road, Stittsville
Phone:  613-836-8881